Business Processes Optimization

Increasing productivity and production capacity

Improvinn Efficiency System

Using different management philosophies like Toyota Production System (Lean), Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Total Quality Management (TQM) we created Improvinn Efficiency System.

Improvinn is a system for increasing productivity, finding hidden capacity, decreasing the lead time and reengineering business processes.

Increasing the net profit

The Goal of every company is to make money. When the gola is something else, the company strats to survive.

Our approach aims directly to increasing the cash flow and the net profit.

The companies are created to win money, not to save them.

How to increase the control in the factory

Fast Results

Good results you can have after the first month. Most of the big projects last between 3 and 6 months, because we need time to create stability in the processes.


Focus in increasing the quality.

Focus in good customer service.

Focus in decreasing the lead time.

Focus in good utilization of resources.

Practical trainings

We are adapting the trainings according to product you produce and type of production you are using.

The trainings are divided in two parts - theory (1-2 hours) and practical part (4 houes).

The practical part has to be done in the shop floor and ends with tasks for improvements


The given tasks have to be audited. Every task has an owner.

The meetings have to be done once a week.

Expeted results

All the orders are executed as planned in terms of time and quality.

Decreasing the lead time.

Increasing the net profit.

Increasing the quality.

Produce more with less people.


Removing the waste

Analyzing the waste in the processes and creating a plan to remove them.

Identifying the Constraint

The Constraint is the thing which is blocking the company to make more money.

Increasing the net profit

After removing the wastes and focusing on the constraint of the company it will be very easy to increase the net profit.

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