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Lean, Theory of Constraints, Synchronous Planning and Manufacturing

Improvinn Efficiency System

Using different management philosophies like Toyota Production System (Lean), Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Total Quality Management (TQM) we created Improvinn Efficiency System.

Improvinn is a system for increasing productivity, finding hidden capacity, decreasing the lead time and reengineering business processes.

Practical trainings in Lean

Toyota Production System (Lean) is the most popular management system in the World.

It was created by Taiichi Ohno. His gola was to remove the waste in the production processes and to decrase the time from taking the order to recieving the money.

This idea is still not recognized by many managers in Europe and USA

Trainings in Synchronous Planning and Manufacturing

It is based on Drum-Buffer-Rope method from Theory of Constraints and till now is the best method for production planning and scheduling.

The idea is to synchronize all the processes.

The trainings is with a computer simulator of a factory on which everyone can plan the production processes.


Removing the waste

Analyzing the waste in the processes and creating a plan to remove them.

Identifying the Constraint

The Constraint is the thing which is blocking the company to make more money.

Increasing the net profit

After removing the wastes and focusing on the constraint of the company it will be very easy to increase the net profit.

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